An environmentally friendly and sustainable energy supply

clearly felt in the Rhein-Main-Hallen Wiesbaden.
professionals out the areas Power supply, Craft, publicAdministration,
Health, forestry and housing industry and research gathered information on 02 and 03.
July and about possibilities of power and heat supply with renewable energy
energy-efficient construction and renovation techniques.
The Exhibition and Congress informed trade visitors with a wide range of quality
quality of information and showed that renewable energy even at large
Buildings provide comfortable solutions. PARADIGM GERMANY GmbH example
presented large solar thermal systems, LOGSTOR Germany GmbH, BRUGG Pipe Systems
GmbH or Uponor GmbH demonstrated innovative solutions in district heating.
SOLARvent Biomass Heating Systems, Ala-Talkkari Oy or Biokraft Naturbrennstoffe GmbH
presented biomass heaters.
How important is energy regulation and control, making Siemens Building Technologies GmbH & Co.
oHG significantly on its stand. ESCO as MVV Energie Services GmbH,
Urbana Energy Services GmbH or NGT Contracting GmbH showed the interested
Trade visitors, such as renewable energy or appropriate remedial measures as coordinated
Overall concept work and how high is the savings potential here.

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